Goals & Values

3 kids


– Goal One

Learning Environment: To provide an environment where all children can grow in confidence self esteem and respect for others.

– Goal Two

Expectations: To have a School community who demonstrate commitment to personal responsibility.

– Goal Three

Teaching and Learning: To provide motivating teaching that develops multi-skilled learners while meeting the needs and interests of students.



– Learning

Work ethics, self motivated, independence, curriculum, life-long skills

– Honesty

Always tell the truth

– Manaaki

Leading with moral purpose, caring

– Respect

For self, others and environment

– Trust

Building friendships, sharing feelings

– Identity

Who I am, where I come from

– Positivity

Making positive statements; I can, I will, I am

– Tolerance

Be patient, Acceptance

– Awhinatanga

Guiding and supporting, empathy, teamwork