At Orautoha School the child is at the centre of all educational planning, the uniqueness of each child will be acknowledged and catered for in order for each child to reach their full potential.


We want students to:

– to know who they are and where they come from

– to be bicultural by experiencing and praciticing kaupapa Maori concepts, tikanga and Te Reo Maori

– be passionate about learning

– explore big ideas and have experiences to support learning to better understand the world they live

– contribute and benefit from a changing world

– be prepared for living, working and achieving in an evolving society.



– small class size allows for individual attention

– programme’s are tailored to address individual needs and strengths

– specialist teachers with specialist subjects; science, music, ICT, Te Reo Maori

– tuakana/ teina; peer support and leadership roles

– mentoring

– ako; culturally preferred teaching methods

– restorative approach to managing relationships

– special needs support staff


Te Reo/ Oral Language

Written Language



Enviro Education

Inquiry Learning

Health & PE



Social Sciencies, Art, Science and Technology currently link where applicable to the integrated topics being done. Learning intentions and success criteria are developed in each subject and used to self and peer assess to inform next learning steps. Senior students attend Technology at Ohakune Primary School.